Garage Door Opener Stopped Working? Here’s What To Do Next

Some of the people who have their own garage experienced a day where they came home and their garage door does not open. Some of them experienced a garage door which sounds inappropriate while operating. These cases are normal especially for those who do not perform regular maintenance on their garage door. In this article, we will discuss some of the guides that you can use in doing maintenance on your garage door as well as a small detailed explanation of why there are problems that occur in it.

Guide in Maintaining a Garage Door
The most basic thing that you must check is that if your garage door is plugged. It might be funny for some, but this is a common cause why garage door suddenly does not open. Before you engage in more complicated solutions, try to start with the basic ones for it might be the immediate answer to your problems.

Here are some other things that you might do if you experience this situation:

  • Open the circuit breaker and check if the source that is connected to your garage door is still on. Before closing the breaker, reset the connection by turning it off then on again.
  • Check the tracks and the trolley if it still connected properly on the sides of the door. These parts move the door and once it disconnects from the sides, the door would not be able to move.

Reasons Why Garage Door Suddenly Stops
Some other reasons why a garage door suddenly stops is because of the remote. Check the remote if there is a problem in it as well as the sensor that detects the remote. Minor problems like these can be solved by the owner himself, however, major maintenance of a garage door must be done by an expert or a professional in this field.